About Us

Experts in the realization
of bottling machines components

3 fundamental steps

Measuring, planning and producing the machine components, delivery and assembly


Visiting the prospective client, identifying the type of the machine and noting all the necessary measures needed for the initial estimate. All the measuring is dine with the up-to-date technology, as the digital calipers and micrometers, enabling the precision up to a thousand of millimeter. If the client agrees with the quotation, we procede to the second and third step.



Planning and producing
the machine component

Before starting with the planning, it is necessary that the client provides us with sample container. This is very important, because the whole designing (3D modelling in AutoCad and SolidEdge) is based on that sample. The designing enables us to come up with the ideal solution for adapting the equipment, in the most efficient way, for the desired type of the bottle. After that we procede to the component production with the CNC machines, which enables high accuracy.



Delivery and assembly

The policy of the company BEVERAGE SOLUTIONS is that we always deliver our products and equipment for the machines, in order to make sure that all the elements function properly. If requested by the client, we can send the products with express delivery.